Washing Machines Prices in Nigeria (2022)

Extended list of best washing machines prices in Nigeria 2022

Are you looking to buy a new washing machine and dryer machine for your home? Here we have for you a list of the best washing machines with current prices in Nigeria and other information that would be helpful to you in getting the washing machine that suits your specific needs. These machines are considered an important part of home appliances as they play an important role by easing us from the effort of manually rinsing our clothes and spreading them on the washing lines. In today’s technology world, there are several washing machines and dryers with specific price, features, design, and size that make them different from each other. As the washing machine removes all dirt from your clothes, the dryer machine removes all the moisture from your clothes. When the drying process is done, the clothes are completely dry. The washing machine is built with various wash cycles to cater to different types of garments.

Where to Buy Washing Machines

You can get any kind of washing machine easily from your home by purchasing it online from a trustworthy appliance and gadget selling company like Jumia. You can check available offers for Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana.

Types Of Washing Machines

Depending on the kind you need for your home, you have to figure out the difference between the two types of washing machines in order to choose the right one for your home.


A semi-automatic washing machine is an entry-level washing machine that contains one or two tubs dedicated for washing and drying clothes. For this type of washing machine, you will have to manually fill it with water and detergent adequately to give you an accurate result. For two-tub semi-automatic washing machines, you will have to move the clothes from the washer to the spinner compartment in order to extract moisture from the clothes.

Fully Automatic

A fully automatic washing machine is an advanced level washing machine with less manual input and does your laundry work for you automatically after pressing the right button. They are categorized into two types, depending on the form where the clothes are loaded from, which could be either the front or back side.

washing machines prices in Nigeria
Front Load & Top Load

Front Loading

As the name suggests, clothes in this type of washing machine are loaded from the front side of the machine as its drum sits horizontally. It is the most commonly used washing machine, best considered for use in a smaller space for the machine and for running lots of loads easily. This type of washing machine has a very large interior that allows you to wash bigger loads without ending up with the technical error of being overused. For easier use and access, it should be placed at a higher height (e.g., a table) to be able to be used while you are standing.

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Top Loading

These washing machines are a lot less expensive to buy and repair, while they’re also easier to access compared to the front-loader washing machines. They’re mostly used in small family settings because they’re very easy to access by anyone who wants to use them for laundry, but the machine wouldn’t do a good job if you put a bigger load into it than it can control. Although it has fewer wash programs compared to its counterpart, it’s economical and perfect for personal use. In most cases, it’s considered if you’re a student willing to have a washing machine for yourself or a bachelor living alone.

Difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machine


Fully automatic

Two separate tubs to wash and dry the clothes respectively

Only one tub to wash and dry the clothes

They consume more water and energy

They consume less water and energy

They are more affordable and available at a cheaper price

Price can be more expensive depending on your choice

Any detergent can be use to wash garments

Specific type of detergent are required to wash garments

They allow garments loading from top only (top loaders)

They are front loading and top loading washer-dryer machine

They require more manual operating. eg (manually moving the clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub

There’s lesser requirement for manual operating

The Advantages of Using a Washing Machine

Having a washing machine in every household has become part of our daily life needs, so it’s not considered a luxury because it’s useful and easier to get depending on your type of choice, so I will list and explain below some advantages of washing machines and dryers.

  1. A washing machine is an effort saver in that it makes rinsing our clothes very much easier by just pressing the right button, putting the clothes in your machine, water, and required detergent, and setting the cycle compared to using our hands, which can take us so much effort to accomplish.
  2. Time-saving is another advantage of the washing machine. It reduces the time taken to wash compared to washing by hand, which can take up to many hours, especially when washing baby garments and oil-inked clothes, which you may end up soaking for many hours before washing again. The washer is a vast time saver compared to hand laundry.
  3. Advanced washer-dryer machines are Bixby or Alexa supported, whose purpose is for you to be able to control the electronic machine using your smartphone wherever you are. With this feature, you can stop it from working even when you’re far from home.
  4. The controller is very easy to use for all ages capable of using it. The controller uses a digital display that makes it easier for you to choose the right options by pressing its buttons. The option to schedule a wash for a later time is an example of advanced washing machine control options.
  5. A washing machine can work for months or years with good maintenance, and they are also repairable if there’s any error with any of their components, either by taking the washer-dryer machine to an expert technician to fix the problem, or by calling the company to come to your house in order to check the error and fix it for you.
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Factors to consider when purchasing a washing machine

Making the right choices while buying a washing machine is very important to choose the best for your family and to avoid concurrent breakdown of the machine when it has not served its purpose as well as you’d expected. In Nigeria, many households have chosen not to take their garments to the laundryman; rather, they want to have a washing machine to ease the stress of going out and the cost of money. Here are some of the factors you should take into consideration before buying a washing machine, either online or at a store.

  1. The size of the washing machine should be considered before making a choice so as to get the best fit for your family. There are different sizes of washing machines (5kg, 6kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 13kg) for you to buy. For a family of four, we recommend the size of 5 kg for its portability and durability to work at a good rate for fewer loads (5 kg at a time).
  2. The loading structure of the washer-dryer machine is another factor you should know in order to choose the one that suits your needs. The front loader is loaded from the front, while the top loader is loaded from the top. You can scroll up to read more about the two loaders.
  3. The price of the washing machine should be considered in relation to your budget while also ensuring that you get a mid-priced one for better and longer-lasting use.
  4. The pre-soak cycle is a very good factor to consider. If you have young children that always get messy, then you can choose the pre-soak cycle washing machine.
  5. Dryers are supported in some washing machines, while you have to buy a dryer for others.
  6. Brand can be important if you’re used to a particular brand, and the top brands with the best washing machines in Nigeria are Binatone, LG, Qasa, Hisense, Haier Thermocool, Nexus, Midea, Polystar, Scanfrost, and Samsung.
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Prices for Washing Machines

Some washing machines from the top brands in Nigeria, with price and size, according to brands list .

Haier Thermocool Washing Machines Price List

  • Haier Thermocool 6kg Mini Top Load Washing Machine TLW06: ₦40,000 – ₦56,000
  • Haier Thermocool 7kg Front Load Washing Machine HW70-12829S: ₦153,000 – ₦196,000
  • Haier Thermocool 8kg Top Load Semi-Automatic Washing Machine TLSA08: ₦99,000 – ₦124,500
  • Haier Thermocool 10.2kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine TLSA10B: ₦87,000 – ₦117,000
  • Haier Thermocool 13kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine: ₦149,000 – ₦195,000

LG Washing Machines Price List

  • LG 4kg Semi-Automatic Twin tub Washing Machine WP 610: ₦55,000 – ₦60,000
  • LG 4.5kg Semi-Automatic Twin tub Washing Machine WP 610N: ₦60,000 –  ₦85,000
  • LG 6.5kg Automatic Washing Machine WM 2J3WDNP0: ₦195,500 – ₦198,700
  • LG 7kg Automatic Front Load Washing Machine WM 10C3Q: ₦125,000 – ₦145,000
  • LG 7kg Twin Tub Washer Machine WM800: ₦113,900 – ₦135,000
  • LG 7kg Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine WM 850: ₦105,000 – ₦125,000
  • LG 8kg Twin tub Washing Machine WM 9032: ₦89,950 – ₦96,600
  • LG 9kg Automatic Smart Inverter Washing Machine WM 9585: ₦145,000 – ₦202,000
  • LG 13kg Turbo Drum Top Loader Washing Machine WM 1369: ₦225,250 – ₦226,300
  • LG 17kg Top Loader Washing Machine WM 1232: ₦260,000 – ₦291,500

Hisense Washing Machines Price List

  • Hisense 5kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine WSJA551: ₦55,000 – ₦72,400
  • Hisense 5kg Manual Top Loader Twin Tub Washing Machine: ₦48,000 – ₦74,000
  • Hisense 8kg Automatic Front Load Washing Machine WM8012S: ₦192,000 – ₦225,000
  • Hisense 10.5kg Top Loader Automatic Washing Machine WM1102: ₦143,600– ₦180,000
  • Hisense 11kg Twin Tub Manual Washing Machine WM113WSRB: ₦106,200 – ₦119,500
  • Hisense 13kg Full Automatic Smart Washing Machine: ₦152,000 – ₦240,000
  • Hisense 16kg Automatic Top Load Washing Machine: ₦215,000– ₦235,000

Nexus Washing Machines Price List

  • Nexus 5.5kg Twin Tub Washing Machine: ₦49,000 – ₦76,000
  • Nexus 6 Kg Front Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine: ₦90,000 – ₦98,000
  • Nexus 6.5kg Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine ₦92,000 – ₦116,000
  • Nexus 7.5kg Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine: ₦78,000 – ₦92,000
  • Nexus 8.5kg Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine: ₦130,000 – ₦139,000
  • Nexus 10Kg Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine: ₦128,000 – ₦190,000
  • Nexus 12kg Automatic Top Load Washing Machine: ₦153,200 – ₦170,000

Qasa Washing Machines Price List

  • Qasa 3kg Washing Machine QW-55-DX: ₦21,000 – ₦50,000
  • Qasa 5.5kg Washing Machine: ₦40,000 – ₦65,000
  • Qasa 7kg Single Tub Washing Machine: ₦45,000 – ₦67,000
  • Qasa 8.8kg Double Tubs Washing Machine QWM–81DTBX: ₦84,500– ₦93,000
  • Qasa 10kg Washing Machine: ₦85,000 – ₦95,500
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